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Snetworth delivers the best MODx hosting environment. You can quickly get either MODx Evolution or MODx Revolution set up and running on our powerful web hosting plans. We fully support both versions of this fantastic content management system.

MODx comes in two different versions. MODx Revolution is the newest version of MODx which takes the basic content management system framework of the original MODx and gives you more tools for building custom websites and rich web applications. MODx Evolution is the core script that started it all and continues to be patch for top-notch performance and security. The choice is yours.

Snetworth bring you the best environment to host MODx Evolution and MODx Revolution.

Choosing hosting plan:

If you have any questions on which web hosting plan is best for you and would like to talk to one of our sales team, simply request a callback. We would be happy to call you at your best time so that we can go over everything.

Email Hosting

Great for personal

  • $2 99 / Mo
  • Get Personalized Email
  • First Month Free
  • Free Migration
  • Starting at US$2.99/month
  • Choose From the Three Plans


Great for Startup small business

  • $789 / Mo
  • 1 Website
  • Suitable for ~10,000 Visits
  • FREE Migration


Great for small business

  • $9 98 / Mo
  • Unlimited Emails Account
  • 5 Websites
  • Suitable for ~25,000 Visits
  • FREE Migration

HostPro Plus

Great for Enterprises business

  • $13 98 / Mo
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Suitable for ~100,000 Visits
  • FREE Migration

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